Zen Chiropractor

Board Certified Chiropractor

Licensed in New Hampshire


                            Zachary Zdrada is a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, who has a passion for helping others. He is a graduate cum laude at Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange Florida, where he completed the program alongside his younger brother Maxmillan Zdrada. He is also a graduate of Brown University in Providence Rhode Island, where he got his degree in Biology sciences. He is enthusiastic to help athletes as he was a varsity Division I wrestler at Brown where he made the All-Ivy team his senior year. He volunteered his time and artistic abilities to help tutor fellow students in preparation for the Board examinations. While at Palmer he spent time in the clinic treating a wide variety of patients ranging from toddlers to teenagers, and young adults to elderly. He is a proficient adjuster and utilizes many therapies to help his patients.

Dr. Zachary Zdrada has just moved back to Southern New Hampshire where he will be starting his practice. He believes in educating people, and will be available to make presentations to help promote health and wellness in the community. He wants to bring back the Golden age of Medicine, where the physician spends time getting to know the patient and gives quality care, by making housecalls and individualizing care for his patients. Dr. Zdrada lives in Atkinson New Hampshire.